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Top 10 Reasons To Become a Member of the Cincinnati Paralegal Association*

  1. Specialty Sections – Any member may join the CPA’s specialty sections. These specialty sections provide a forum for the exchange of information for members who practice in a particular specialty or who would like more information about a specialty. Additional specialty sections are being considered to keep pace with changing legal specialties.

    • Litigation/Workers’ Compensation
    • Corporate
    • Employee Benefits
    • Probate/Estates, Tax & Trusts
    • Bankruptcy
    • Real Estate
    • Intellectual Property
    • Immigration
    • Family Law

  2. Education Seminars - The Spring and Fall half-day seminars are sponsored by the CPA and are offered to all CPA members at a rate much lower than other seminar providers. In addition to the Spring and Fall half-day seminars, the CPA offers brown bag luncheons on topics relating to the various legal specialty areas.

  3. Networking Opportunities - Our regular meetings feature professional or law-related speakers. Monthly meetings provide members a chance to network with other professionals, court personnel and other providers of legal services. Meet new paralegals, form friendships and relationships with professionals in the paralegal field in your legal community.

  4. Pro Bono Opportunities – Remember: Wills for First Responders® – The events of September 11, 2001 serve as a stark reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices firefighters, police and emergency medical technicians make for their community every day. These "first responders" devote their lives to serving their communities, and they are prepared to pay the ultimate price in the line of duty. The Pro Bono Committee of the Cincinnati Paralegal Association wanted to find a way to give back to these brave men and women, and the Committee created its Remember: Wills for First Responders® program. Remember: Wills for First Responders® is a program whereby volunteer lawyers and paralegals come together for day-long events to provide wills, living wills and health care proxies to first responders and their spouses completely free of charge. Most importantly, we provide peace of mind to these heroes should the unthinkable occur. Any member may participate in this program, and other pro bono opportunities.

  5. Distribution Lists & Forums – Every member is placed on an email list serve to allow the Board of Directors to contact them about important CPA events. In addition, each Committee and Specialty Section utilizes a voluntary forum to keep interested members up to date on committee and specialty section meetings and events. The CPA provides the forums so members can contact their colleagues across the area to assist them in better performing their duties. The forums have many times proven to be a very effective and beneficial tool both for member paralegals and their employer.

  6. Newsletter - The Paralegal Resource is the monthly newsletter sent to all CPA members and contains substantive articles and information of national and local importance to paralegals. The newsletter also contains information about local employment opportunities, events sponsored by the CPA and Continuing Legal Educational Seminars for paralegals.

  7. Job Bank - Find out about new jobs even before they even hit the newspapers or online sites. For Sustaining Members - submit Job Bank ads for FREE!

  8. Up-to-Date News - Stay informed and up-to-date about our profession on our website, our newsletter – The Paralegal Resource – and in the "Members Only" section about what's happening in our state and across our country.

  9. Mentor Program - Participate in our Mentor Program - receive guidance from seasoned paralegals whether you are new to a field of practice or new to the profession. Veteran paralegals can be Mentors and gain satisfaction by helping paralegals become more valuable.

  10. Make a Difference! Take the opportunity to make a difference in your profession by serving on the Board of Directors of the CPA or as a member of any of the CPA Committees.

*Reasons 1-9 apply to ALL members of the CPA (Active, Student, Associate, Emeritus AND Sustaining).

For Reason #10, only Active CPA members may be elected to a position on the Board of Directors, however ALL members are invited to serve on any of the Committees and are invited to attend the Board of Directors monthly meeting.