CPA Published Articles

Utilization of Paralegal Series
These articles were first published in the Cincinnati Bar Report, 2002

Paralegals: Creating a Better Understanding of an Evolving Profession - José Pedro Santos & Deborah M. Brook

Corporation Paralegals or Corporate Paralegals? - Carolyn M. Saenz

Utilizing Paralegals in Probate and Estate Planning - Christina R. Bedel

Utilizing Paralegals in Commercial Real Estate - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP

A Look at the Worker's Compensation Paralegal - Melissa J. Hobbs, RP

Utilizing Civil Litigation Paralegals in the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office - Lisa Taylor

Legal Issues Confronting Caregivers - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP

Other Published Articles

PACE - The Future of the Paralegal Profession (CBA Report Winter 1998) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani & Deborah Baer McKinney

Employer Support for PACE (Paralegal Resource February 1998) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani & Deborah Baer McKinney

The Birth of a Credential (Paralegal Resource Nov 1998) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP

PACE Testimonial (National Paralegal Reporter April/May 2002) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP

Professional Credentials (Paralegal Resource February 2003) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP

Cipriani & Cincinnati Recognized for PACE (NFPA National Paralegal Reporter June/July 2003)

Using Paralegals in Commercial Real Estate (OSBA Fall 2003) - Reneé Rothweiler Cipriani, RP (first published in 2002 in the CBA Report)